Northern Bitcoin AG considering strategic options for business expansion

19:50 CET/CEST

Frankfurt on the Main – November 03, 2019. Northern Bitcoin AG is currently evaluating strategic options to further optimize and expand its business. Such options may include strategic acquisitions of new sites, hardware or direct investments in other companies. The Company plans to take advantage of such opportunities in the short and medium term. At present, the Company has in particular entered into discussions regarding the possible acquisition of a company that builds and operates data centers specializing in blockchain applications such as Bitcoin mining. The investment is planned to be implemented by means of a capital increase through contributions in kind using the existing authorized capital at Northern Bitcoin AG. In addition, the Company continues to review options on an ongoing basis to optimize its business. To this end, discussions are currently being held with potential partners to set up the mobile mining containers of Northern Bitcoin AG at locations where energy producers provide electricity at no cost to Northern Bitcoin AG and in return receive a share of the proceeds from mining.

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